Yan’an leveling 33 hills to make way for urban expansion

Yan’an leveling 33 hills to make way for urban expansion

Yan’an in Shaanxi Province is in the process of carrying out a 10-year plan to level out a 78.5 kilometer piece of land on the outskirts of the current city in order to let the city grow free.

A recent report demonstrates the progress being made in Yan’an, where the plan is to flatten 33 hills  in order to make way for a smooth new urban area. The new city promises to be twice the size of the current one, however one of the major problems confronting the project is that the land is full of hills and ravines, which need to be overcome according to the plan.

Picture Credit: NetEase

Picture Credit: Netease

According to NetEase reports that the Flatland project has been running into some problems and Some investors have quietly backed out of the project leaving planners searching for new sources for the millions of RMB needed to keep the bulldozers running.

picture credit: NetEase

picture credit: Netease

Still, progress continues, though carefully, as planners also recognize that the surrounding Loess Plateau isn’t the most stable of foundations. It sheltered Mao and the Communist Party following the Long March in centuries-old traditional cave houses dug into the sides of the hills, which are now being flattened, but the land hasn’t always been so kind to people that try to change it.

Photo Credit: NetEase

Photo Credit: NetEase

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