Work starts on smart industrial park in New Taipei

Work starts on smart industrial park in New Taipei

NT$4.1 billion Baogao Industrial Park set to create 9,600 jobs in ICT, biotech and cloud computing

After investing NT$4.1 billion (US$137 million) New Taipei City Government held a beam-raising ceremony on Thursday (Jan. 9) for Baogao Industrial Park in Xindian District.

The smart technology park is expected to finish construction by March 2021, before opening to the public in September. The 41,000 square meter park will provide accommodations for 119 Taiwan corporations in information and communication technology (ICT), cloud computing, digital operations, and biotechnology, creating more than 9,600 jobs.

New Taipei Deputy Mayor Wu Ming-ji said that approximately 70 Taiwan companies have already expressed interest in investing in Baogao Industrial Park. He added the city government is also planning to build a second industrial park, adjacent to the first one, reported UDN.

The Economic Development Department of the city government said that to fully utilize Baogao Industrial Park, experimental fields and incubation centers will be added to educate Taiwanese citizens about artificial intelligence (A.I.) and virtual reality. It also expressed the hope that Baogao Industrial Park would be the first smart technology town in New Taipei, reported Yam News.

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