Work Starts for Canberra MRT Station on North-South Line

Work Starts for Canberra MRT Station on North-South Line

The Land Transport Authority has commenced works to construct the Canberra MRT station along the North-South Line.

Located between Sembawang and Yishun stations and along Canberra Link, Canberra station will serve commuters living in nearby estates such as Sembawang Springs, as well as upcoming residential developments in the neighbourhood.

2.  The contract for the station was awarded to China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore Branch) in mid-2015, and is expected to be completed in 2019.

Construction challenges

3.  Unlike most stations and new lines, Canberra MRT station will be built on an existing rail line. This is the second time an MRT station is being built on an operational MRT line. The first was Dover MRT station, between Clementi and Buona Vista stations on the East-West Line, which was successfully completed in 2001. Even with prior experience, building a station on an operational line still presents challenges. Firstly, as the work is carried out next to a ‘live’ railway track, detailed risk assessments of every construction activity will have to be carried out and the appropriate safety measures must be taken.

4.  Secondly, major safety critical works next to the existing tracks are confined to the three to four hours when the trains are not running. To ensure safety when carrying out works close to the ‘live’ railway track, LTA and the contractor will impose stringent control on the works being carried out and coordinate with SMRT for access to the work area.

5.  We have enhanced the work processes used previously for the construction of the Dover station by implementing a robust project safety review process for the design and construction phases, and have carried out detailed risk assessments for Canberra station. To further ensure the safety of the ‘live’ tracks during construction of the station’s roof, a temporary Protection Enclosure will be erected to cover and protect the existing railway tracks and trains at the site of the new station. In addition, a full scale mock-up of the station column and roof will be installed off-site for LTA to determine the safest and most effective way to carry out the actual construction onsite.

6.  A new 72m long rail crossover track will be constructed north of Canberra Station to connect the two existing tracks. This allows trains to move from one track to the other, providing better operational resilience. Noise barriers will also be installed at the new rail crossover.

Better connectivity

7.  When the new station opens in 2019, residents in the vicinity will have a direct connection to the MRT network, without the need to take a bus. Commuters travelling towards the city centre or Jurong East will save up to 10 minutes of travelling time.

8.  To better facilitate commuter movement and enhance accessibility, Canberra station is designed with five entrances, with one connected to the new housing estates across Canberra Link. An elevated link bridge to be built across Canberra Link will enable commuters to directly access the city-bound train platform. The new station will also have covered linkways to bus stops, pick-up and drop-off points as well as bicycle parks.


Work Starts for Canberra MRT Station on North-South Line

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