Wang Chau study to be released

Wang Chau study to be released

The Government will submit the feasibility study reports for the development at Wang Chau to the Legislative Council and make them available to the public.

In response to media enquiries, the Government noted in a statement that the study, comprising 16 reports with over 1,000 pages, contains some sensitive information such as land matters and project financial information. Disclosure of such information may affect public interest.

The Government will submit the reports after processing the related sensitive information in an appropriate manner.

It also said in the study conducted in 2012, the consultant projected that within the whole Wang Chau development boundary, there were approximately 14 hectares of government land, some 40 houses and about 210 temporary structures.

There was no projection of the number of households affected and the Government will conduct detailed surveys when rolling out the development.

Within Phase 1 of the development, the Lands Department found that there are about 3.4 hectares of government land and 3.5 hectares of private land.

The department conducted a freezing survey in October 2015 within the area affected by Phase 1 of the development, during which about 180 households involving about 400 persons and a few business undertakings were registered.

However, since occupants of some structures refused to be registered, the figures may not reflect the total number of households and business undertakings affected.


Wang Chau study to be released

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