Lantau development can be balanced

Lantau development can be balanced

Secretary for Development Paul Chan today led a media tour to visit proposed sites for conservation and development on Lantau Island.

Mr Chan noted that the Lantau Development Advisory Committee had submitted a report to the Chief Executive last month containing proposals for developing Lantau.

One of the suggestions was to enlarge by reclamation the Hei Ling Chau and Kau Yi Chau islets to develop the East Lantau Metropolis as a core business district.

Mr Chan made it clear that the Government would ensure Lantau’s development struck a balance with conservation.

Secretary for Development Paul Chan said ‘If you look at the report of the Lantau Development Advisory Committee, all along we emphasis on balancing and enhancing development and conservation. In fact, 70% of Lantau Island is country parks and there are eight sites of special scientific interests.

We are fully aware of the community’s concerns about preserving the ecology on Lantau. It is our genuine aspiration to conserve that and enhance that. So, down the road, I think communication is very important’.

He added the development options for Lantau are not only focusing on tourism, as it is also important for locals to enjoy the island’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

Mr Chan noted that reasonably-sized leisure and recreation facilities can be built on South Lantau to preserve its ecological and cultural value.

He also pointed out that North Lantau’s transport infrastructure was well developed with good road and rail connections and that leisure facilities that would attract high numbers of visitors should be built there.


Lantau development can be balanced

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