Villagers vent anger in meeting over land works

Villagers vent anger in meeting over land works

Ninety percent of villagers are willing to make way for the northeastern New Territories development provided they get adequate compensation, Sheung Shui rural leader Bowie Hau Chi-keung said.

His comment yesterday at the North District Council came after about 20 villagers stormed out of the meeting that was discussing the advance works for Kwu Tung North and Fan Ling North new development areas, as well as site formation works for the building of residential care homes for the elderly.

The atmosphere at the meeting was tense, with villagers frequently shouting: “Urban areas and villages can co-exist. Don’t move out, don’t tear down.”


They expressed concerns over the quickened pace of private developers conducting land resumption as they felt harassed.

“Can you, councillors, experience our life?” they called out, even though public attendees do not have speaking rights at the meeting.

The meeting was twice disrupted, despite warnings from council chairman So Sai-chi. The villagers later stormed out of the room, after shouting: “Shame to the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong.”

When the meeting resumed, Hau said any demand involving moving the villagers was “all about money.”

As long as the government or businesses can negotiate proper compensation, “I am sure that 90 percent of the people will agree to move,” he said.


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