Views sought on harbour front site

Views sought on harbour front site

The Development Bureau today launched a sounding exercise to obtain market feedback on the viability of developing the Urban Park site at the Hung Hom harbourfront under a public-private sector partnership.

Subject to the feedback, the partnership should be a tripartite collaboration among the Government, the private sector and the community as an alternative to the conventional design-build-operate approach by the Government.

The 2.2-hectare urban park site next to the Hung Hom Ferry Pier is a prime location planned for a wide range of active and passive leisure and recreational uses.

The market sounding exercise aims to collect innovative ideas on possible uses for the site, including how income received through certain activities would strike a balance between public enjoyment and financial viability.

It also tries to ascertain the level of market interest towards developing the site under the partnership approach and to obtain suggestions on key features of the partnership in terms of contract duration, the financing and revenue sharing arrangement and more.

Among the initial ideas for the project are that it should adopt a place-making approach to create a sense of place and a quality harbourfront for public enjoyment while minimising visual, noise and other adverse impacts on the surrounding residential development.

While retaining ownership of the site, the Government may grant a right to use it for a reasonably long period that can render the project financially viable while the operator will be responsible for designing, developing, managing and maintaining the site.

Interested parties may submit responses to the Development Bureau on or before March 21.

Public views on the potential uses of the site may also be submitted on or before that date.

A briefing will be held on February 14.

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