Urbanization raising HK landslide risks

Urbanization raising HK landslide risks

The Geotechnical Engineering Office says it recorded 253 landslides last year – up 66 percent from 2017 – and warns that the rise is set to continue, RTHK reports.

The office’s deputy head, Au Yeung Yan-sang, says the sharp increase is largely due to urbanization, slope degradation and extreme weather.

While its virtually impossible to eliminate all risks, Au Yeung says it is important for landowners to ensure slope safety and check their own property every year.

The authorities say they also inspected hundreds of human-made and natural slopes ahead of the rainy season.

“Regarding the extreme weather, definitely we are very concerned. We have developed some important strategy. While it is very difficult to predict when extreme events will occur, we need to closely monitor the weather, particularly during the wet season. We have already established about 110 rain gauges to get the rainfall data,” Au Yeung said.

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