Two options tabled for Fanling golf course development

Two options tabled for Fanling golf course development

The Task Force on Land Supply will put the two options for developing Fanling Golf Course into the public consultation to be launched in late March.

The task force discussed the possibility of turning private recreational leases into potential land supply options at its ninth meeting today.

Task force Chairman Stanley Wong said the two options are for either turning part or all of the golf course into a housing development.

The part option will only develop the eastern section of Fan Kam Road, which comprises 32 hectares of land, involving the initial eight holes of the old golf course.

About 4,600 medium to high density flats on the land and can be put on the market in a shorter time.

Mr Wong said Fan Kam Road is like a natural divide in the golf course, adding: “It is easier and perhaps much quicker if we turn the eastern part of Fan Kam Road into a housing development site.”

For the whole site option, it comprises 172 hectares of land which could potentially house 13,200 units.

However, it also involves over 30,000 trees, 160 of which may have to be listed among the major trees in Hong Kong.

Plus, the Dongjiang water mains are underneath Fan Kam Road. Any development involving the extension of Fan Kam Road will involve substantial change of the linings of the mains.

“If the community selects to proceed with considering using the whole golf course, that would involve a substantial amount of technical studies before any of these options can be carried forward in the future.”

Mr Wong added the task force does not have any preconceived plan and will table both options for public consultation.

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