Tung Chung construction site office razed

Tung Chung construction site office razed

More than 140 firefighters took two hours to put out a blaze at an office in the construction site of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge in Tung Chung early yesterday.

No one was injured. The fire started in an office near the Tung Chung New Development Ferry Pier around 11pm on Monday.There were four staff working in the office when the computer facilities caught fire.

The staff called the police and evacuated the premises with security guards posted outside. The fire spread quickly, sending clouds of black smoke billowing high into the air.

By the time the firefighters arrived, the blaze had been raised to third alarm, forcing the Fire Services Department to send reinforcements.

Altogether, 31 fire trucks, two ambulances and 145 firemen were dispatched. Six lines of fire-extinguishing foam were used to put out the blaze by 1am yesterday. The site office was totally destroyed but the fire did not affect the construction of the cross-delta bridge.

A resident living in the estate facing the ferry pier said the air was quite heavy with smoke, and it was not easy to breathe so he had to close all the windows.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.



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