Train quality check ordered

Train quality check ordered

Secretary for Transport & Housing Prof Anthony Cheung has told the MTR Corporation to clarify with the supplier of its new trains reports that some compartments it produced for Singapore were returned due to quality issues.

Speaking to reporters today, Prof Cheung said the safety and service quality of trains is the Government’s top priority, saying there are strict procedures on the testing and commissioning of new trains.

“I noticed from the information from the Singapore Land Transport Authority that they regard this situation as not safety critical. So apparently the Singapore authorities do not think the matter involved a safety issue. Of course, we have to be doubly cautious, that’s why I’ve asked the MTR Corporation to get in touch with the manufacturer to find out more and I would expect the corporation to update me on the situation.

I’ve also asked the EMSD, the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, as the regulator on safety issues, to look into the situation”

He said he has ordered the MTRC to report its findings to the Government as soon as possible, and stated that according to information available so far, Singapore authorities do not think the matter involves safety issues.

The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, as the safety regulator, will contact Singapore authorities to clarify the situation, he added.

Photo: Secretary for Transport & Housing Anthony Cheung:

Train quality check ordered

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