Tokyo to construct two new subway lines amid redevelopment boom

Tokyo to construct two new subway lines amid redevelopment boom

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced plans to build two new subway lines in line with the city’s development after the 2020 Summer Olympics.

One of the proposed new lines will connect Tokyo Station to the Rinkai waterfront area, and include Ginza, Harumi and Ariake, Fuji TV reported. The other line will connect Shinagawa, a starting station for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen which is scheduled to open in 2027, and central Tokyo. The existing Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line may be extended from Shirokane-Takanawa Station.

The Rinkai area is undergoing a major redevelopment boom ahead of the Olympics with many high-rise apartment blocks expected to open in the next few years, boosting the area’s population.

No date for the expected completion of the subway lines or how much they will cost has been announced yet.

The metropolitan government will ask the Transport Ministry’s policy council to include the two new lines in its national policy on rail expansion, a spokesman said.

JR East has already announced plans to build three new train lines linking Haneda airport to stations at Tokyo, Shinjuku and Shin-kiba. The new lines will cut the travel time from Tokyo station to Haneda to just 18 minutes (from 28 minutes), and from Shinjuku to Haneda to 23 minutes (from the current 41 minutes).

One line, the West Yamanote line, will travel to Haneda from Shinjuku station via Osaki. The East Yamanote line will travel from Tokyo station through a new six-kilometer underground tunnel to be built beneath Tamachi and Shinagawa. The third proposed new line will go from from Shin-kiba via Tokyo Teleport station, along the seaside route.

The total estimated cost for the new railway project is 320 billion yen. Layout design and logistics planning are expected to take three years, and construction is estimated to take about seven years, meaning the new lines will not be ready in time for the 2020 Olympics.

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