Timely vetting of public works urged

Timely vetting of public works urged

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today urged lawmakers to take public interest into consideration and seize the time to vet funding proposals for public works projects.

Speaking to the media, Mrs Lam said the Finance Committee and Public Works Subcommittee’s progress in scrutinising public works projects has not been smooth and only a small amount of project funding has been approved so far.

In the past six months of the current legislative session, $8.8 billion-worth of new public works projects were approved, representing only 5% of this year’s public works project applications which amounted $170 billion.

Mrs Lam said there are only three months left until the Legislative Council’s summer recess and if some lawmakers continue to be uncooperative in meetings, the city will accomplish nothing, with land development and transport infrastructure projects unable to be launched.

The Chief Executive also noted the executive-legislature relationship depends on mutual trust and sincerity.

Mrs Lam added she has shown the greatest sincerity since taking office, but it has reached a point where she is finding it difficult to improve LegCo’s situation.

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