Timely vetting of public works funding urged

Timely vetting of public works funding urged

Secretary for Development Paul Chan urges legislators to seize the time to vet funding proposals for capital works projects, to facilitate the projects’ smooth delivery.

Mr Chan told legislators today that the Government has been implementing capital works projects in an orderly manner, but the Legislative Council’s funding approval progress directly affects the projects’ annual expenditures.

The Finance Committee and Public Works Subcommittee’s progress in scrutinising the capital works projects has slowed since May, 2014, he noted.

The Finance Committee approved only 13 new projects in the 2013-14 legislative session as compared to 39 projects in the 2012-13 session, and the approved funding also shrunk from $90.9 billion to $3.6 billion over the same period.

Many projects submitted in the previous legislative session were only approved in recent months.

He added, for this current legislative session, the scrutinisation progress fell further behind schedule, leading to various degrees of delays in a number of projects.

“I would like to urge all members to uphold the interests of the whole society and respond to the public’s aspirations by seizing the time to vet the funding proposals for the capital works projects in a practical manner. This would facilitate the smooth delivery of the projects, which are closely related to people’s livelihood,” he concluded.

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