Brownfield sites for longer term

Brownfield sites for longer term

The development of brownfield sites can only provide medium to long-term land supply, as it involves thorough planning and consideration.

Secretary for Development Paul Chan told lawmakers today: “It cannot substitute the short to medium-term land supply measures such as land use rezoning that we are pressing ahead full steam.”

He said there must first be adequate provision of infrastructural facilities and capacity before the brownfield sites can be used for higher density developments.

Economic activities generating services and job opportunities that are still needed in Hong Kong are found at most of the brownfield sites on private land, alongside squatter households, agricultural activities and farms.

He said comprehensive and integrated planning with corresponding infrastructure upgrading is necessary to fully address the environmental problems caused by brownfield sites.

He also noted that several new development projects are expected to be completed progressively from 2023 to provide 148,000 residential units, seven million square metres of industrial and commercial floor area, and 200,000 new job opportunities.

The Government is conducting the “Preliminary Feasibility Study on Developing the New Territories North” to look into the area as a long-term strategic development zone in Hong Kong in addition to Lantau.

A focus of the study is releasing brownfield sites for development, he added.


Brownfield sites for longer term

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