Tenders: HK housing authority engineering 6-month schedule (new works)

Tenders 01 Dec 2014
Tenders: HK housing authority engineering 6-month schedule (new works)

Housing Authority (HA) engineering (New Works)

contracts are scheduled to be tendered-out in the captioned 6 months through selective tendering.


Tender Eligibility Lists/Category:

(1)HA List of Piling Contractors:-
(a)Large Diameter Bored Piling Category
(b)Percussive Piling Category
(2)HA List of Demolition Contractors
(3)HA List of Ground Investigation Contractors
(4)Development Bureau(DEVB)List of Approved Contractors for Public Works
(5)DEVBList of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works 2.
Contractors in the relevant Tender Eligibility List(s)/Category(s) above as appropriate are invited to express their interest in tendering for the above HA contract (s). Contractors who require further information and/or are interested in submitting a tender are required to notify the Senior Manager/Procurement 3 (SM/P3) of the Housing Department in writing in English at the following address by 12 DECEMBER 2014.
Procurement and Technical Secretary Section,
Housing Authority Headquarters, 12/F Block 380 Fat Kwong Street, Homantin,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.
(Tel. No. : ___2129 3503____ Fax No. : __2624 7676__)
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