Taoyuan Int’l Airport Industry Development Association inaugurated in Taiwan

Taoyuan Int’l Airport Industry Development Association inaugurated in Taiwan

Association to employ ‘airport economics’ integrating gov. policy with industry trends to promote investment, competitiveness

TAIPEI— The Taoyuan International Airport Industry Development Association held its inaugural meeting on Thursday (Sept. 19), which was attended by Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan .

Mayor Cheng said that the purpose of the association is to promote “airport economics” to maximize Taoyuan Airport’s benefit to the national development of the country. As a non-governmental organization, the association hopes to serve as an intermediary between the industry, consumers, and educational institutes to assist in further integrating Taiwan’s tourism and transportation industries by researching and recommending policy initiatives.

The association selected Nancy Ku, head of the Tasa Meng Corp. , to serve as the association’s first chairperson, while Agi Chan from I-Mei Foods Co. will serve as the executive director. The association’s vice-chair will be Wu Hsiu-kuang of the Everrich Group, reports CNA.

With the Taoyuan special industrial zone under development and a new airport terminal in the works, the area will be a major contributor to Taiwan’s total economic activity. As a gateway to the country and a symbol of progress, Cheng continued, Taoyuan International Airport should do everything it can to attract more foreign and domestic development.

The Taoyuan Airport Industry Development Association aims to stay on top of industry trends through research and analysis to keep the country’s primary airport competitive and ensure the best quality of service across industries.

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