Talks set amid land deadlock

Talks set amid land deadlock

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is actively following up on the alleged occupation of land by Mainland boundary guards in Sha Tau Kok, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said today.

Speaking during the Chief Executive’s Question Time at the Legislative Council, Mrs Lam said officials from the relevant HKSAR Government departments met Shenzhen officials yesterday, following media reports alleging that Mainland boundary guards have been occupying part of the Frontier Closed Area of Sha Tau Kok.

She said Hong Kong and Shenzhen authorities have a different understanding on the demarcation of the boundary along the Sha Tau Kok River.

Mrs Lam noted that according to State Council Order No. 221 which sets out the SAR’s boundary, and after making reference to aerial photos taken over the years and on-site inspections, the Sha Tau Kok River has not changed in its course, so the relevant land should be within the Hong Kong SAR.

She also pointed out that while understanding the HKSAR Government’s position, Shenzhen authorities believe the boundary line should be redefined after the Sha Tau Kok River was realigned in 2013 to prevent flooding.

Mrs Lam said the HKSAR Government was not aware of the river realignment works, so it is still of the view that the land in question belongs to the Hong Kong SAR.

She described both sides as sincere to engage each other in further communication, adding that if necessary, the Government will seek legal advice to resolve the boundary issue as soon as possible.

To allay public concerns, the Shenzhen authorities have agreed to stop using the land while both sides work towards reaching a consensus.

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