Taiwan to raise tender goals to win more South East Asia infrastructure projects

Taiwan to raise tender goals to win more South East Asia infrastructure projects

The Executive Yuan is prepared to raise its tender goals for New Southbound Policy infrastructure projects by 10 percent, as the goals for this year have already been surpassed, sources said yesterday.

Concerned by predictions of poor economic performance, the Executive Yuan set an initial goal of NT$20 billion (US$666.64 million), they said.

However, by last month the Public Construction Commission had reported NT$22.74 billion in successful bids, and officials have predicted that number to go up to NT$24 billion by the end of the year, the sources said.

The commission has said that goals should be adjusted upward by 10 percent annually in order to account for growth and to challenge investors.

The commission is optimistic about earnings potential, given that Southeast Asian nations are looking to build more infrastructure to spur their economic growth, the sources said.

Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are seeking large-scale investments, they said.

Taiwanese experts are already helping build coal-fired power plants, petrochemical factories and solar facilities in the region, they said.

Government agencies have categorized and rated the performance of Taiwanese exporters and are promoting projects involving electronic toll collection, commuter rail systems, environmental protection, power plants and petrochemical facilities, the sources said.

Among 13 projects won by Taiwanese bidders was a power supply system for a Malaysian commuter rail network, a combined heat and power system in Indonesia, inspection of the No. 7 line of Manila’s commuter rail network and an oil refinery in Malaysia, they added.

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