Taiwan Gov’t reveals US$2.38 billion infrastructure plan

Taiwan Gov’t reveals US$2.38 billion infrastructure plan

The government is to invest NT$72.7 billion (US$2.38 billion) in urban and rural infrastructure over the next two years, sources with knowledge of the matter said.

If passed, the urban and rural infrastructure plan would be the single largest item in the special budget allocated to the second phase of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Premier William Lai has already approved a NT$227.1 billion budget for the second phase of the program and the proposed budget is to be sent to the Legislative Yuan for review next month, they added.

The first phase of the program — which runs from September last year to December this year — received NT$107.1 billion, NT$35 billion of which was allocated to urban and rural infrastructure.

The second phase — from next year to 2020 — is to include NT$12.2 billion toward green energy infrastructure development, NT$27.8 billion for digital infrastructure, NT$59.3 billion for water infrastructure, NT$42.2 billion for railway development, NT$72.7 billion for urban and rural infrastructure and NT$12.9 billion toward childcare, food safety and human resource development, the sources said.

As part of the new plan, the government is to spend NT$3 billion each year for two years to revitalize municipal centers, the sources said.

A total of NT$10.6 billion is to be allocated next year and NT$10.4 billion in 2020 to improve road quality, reduce the need for road repairs, improve road safety and improve the overall aesthetics of thoroughfares, bringing the two-year total to NT$21 billion, they said.

The government plans to spend NT$4.1 billion per year for two years to develop locally oriented industrial parks, they said.

The government also plans to spend NT$3.5 billion next year and NT$2.9 billion in 2020 to create sports and leisure facilities, such as recreation centers, swimming pools and bicycle paths, they said.

It is to allocate NT$2.4 billion next year and NT$2.2 billion in 2020 to developing public service centers, including for long-term care, they added.

Under the plan, the government would also spend NT$5.8 billion over the next two years on seismic strengthening and reconstruction of publicly owned buildings, they said.

The government would invest NT$800 million next year and NT$4 million in 2020 to develop a Hakka Romantic Avenue along Provincial Highway No. 3 as part of its efforts to preserve and promote Hakka culture, they said.

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