Tai Po lot tender extended

Tai Po lot tender extended

The Lands Department announced today that the tender closing date for Tai Po Town Lot No. 221 will be extended from November 27 to February 5 next year.

The department issued a Supplemental Information Statement today, informing prospective purchasers that a judicial review application (HCAL 221 of 2015) was lodged on November 18, concerning the Chief Executive-in-Council’s decision to approve draft Tai Po Outline Zoning Plan No. S/TP/25A.

One of the reliefs sought by the applicant is an order of interim injunction, restraining the Director of Lands from awarding the lot tender pending the court’s decision.

The extension will allow more time for prospective purchasers to consider the tender having regard to the latest developments, the department said.

When inviting tenders for the lot on October 16, the department informed prospective purchasers that leave to apply for judicial review (HCAL 67 of 2015) against the Town Planning Board’s decision was granted on October 14.

The decision under review is the Green Belt rezoning under draft Tai Po Outline Zoning Plan No. S/TP/25, which covers the lot and other sites.


Tai Po lot tender extended.

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