Stoppage of rail link works requested

Stoppage of rail link works requested

The Highways Department has required the Mass Transit Railway Corporation to immediately stop excavation works at Exhibition Centre Station temporarily in the vicinity of areas where the settlement monitoring data had exceeded the highest level.

The department in a statement said the settlement reading of a number of monitoring points had exceeded the highest level.

Monitoring points will be installed around the construction site for assessing the impact due to the excavation works on nearby road surfaces, footpaths, underground utilities and structures to ensure the safety and assure that the construction works could meet design requirements and statutory requirements.

In mid June of this year, highways officials said the MTRC placed public safety at risk by allowing the contractor to excavate deeper than is allowed before installing the final layer of temporary steel struts. In a statement, the department expressed its ”deep dismay” that the MTRC Corp had allowed the situation to persist for long. “The Transport and Housing Bureau and the Highways Department also deeply regret that the attitude of the MTRC, as a project manager, and the contractor in handling the incident has unsatisfactorily put the public safety at risk,” the statement said


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