Shatin Rail link works set to resume

Shatin Rail link works set to resume

The Highways Department has agreed to the Mass Transit Railway Corporation’s proposal of works resumption and updating of trigger levels for the Shatin to Central Link Exhibition Centre Station.

The decision was made after considering comments from stakeholders, including the relevant departments and utility undertakers and the MTR Corporation’s confirmation that the move will not compromise public safety, the Transport & Housing Bureau said in a statement.

The excavation works have been suspended since August 10, as some parts of the settlement monitoring points installed in the vicinity of the works sites exceeded the pre-set trigger level.

The Buildings Department and Highways Department have confirmed that the relevant private buildings are structurally safe.

The Highways Department has also confirmed that the other structures, public facilities and roads are now structurally safe and in safe operation.

“The safety and quality of railway projects are always the prime consideration of the Government. We will closely monitor the settlement condition of structures and public facilities in the vicinity of works,” the statement said.

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