Shatin to Central Link non-railway contracts up for grabs

Projects, Slider 15 Jul 2013
Shatin to Central Link non-railway contracts up for grabs

MTRC set to roll out tenders in third quarter for remaining associated works

Danny Chung


While the contracts on Hong Kong Island portion of the Shatin to Central Link for the MTR Corporation (0066) won’t go out to tender until the second half of next year, contractors can look forward to perhaps winning some of remaining non-railway jobs in the meantime.

The railway company will call tenders sometime this quarter for two contracts for eventual award in the fourth quarter.

They are the Police Sports and Recreation Club Enhancement Works (Contract No. 1125) and the Reprovisioning of Harbour Road Sports Centre/Wan Chai Swimming Pool (Contract No. 1126).

A MTRC spokewoman said the prequalification lists fo the contractors have already been finalised.

Regarding the date for calling tenders, she said tendering would start sometime in the third quarter as per the company’s schedule and did not provide an exact date.

As to which contractors were on the prequalification list, she said: “I think that would be a bit sensitive.”

The police club contract involves demolition of the Police Officers’ Club near the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter to make way for the future South Ventilation Building and the re-provisioning of facilities by way of improving the existing facilities at Police Sports and Recreation Club at Boundary Street.

The works includes providing a new annex building, a bowling lawn and swimming pool deck enhancement.

The contract would be awarded as a lump sum contract.

The sports centre contract in Wan Chai will involve reprovisioning of the existing sports centre and swimming pool immediately to the south to make way for the proposed Exhibition station at Wan Chai North.

The works also include completing the remaining pile foundations to the new sports centre/swimming pool complex.

The MTRC’s prequalification notice said another contractor would complete most of the pile foundations for the complex prior to contract award.

The contract would be awarded as a lump sum contract although the MTRC will ask contractors to submit a variable price tender with provision for price fluctuation for labour and materials and a fixed price tender without price fluctuation adjustment.

In both contracts, the MTRC will be looking to partner with the contractor.

According to a paper submitted in April last year by the Housing and Transport Bureau to the Legislative Council’s Public Works Subcommittee, the estimated cost for reprovisioning sports facilities for the Shatin to Central Link was HK$682.6 million at September 2011 prices although this is made of three items of work, one of which is the sports centre and swimming pool at Wan Chai.

The work for the reprovisioning of the police recreational facilities is included as one of three items in “Other government facilities”, the cost of which is HK$569.7 million.

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