Shanghai unveils plans for aboveground metro line to pass through buildings

Shanghai unveils plans for aboveground metro line to pass through buildings

An ambitious new route planned for Shanghai Metro’s line 17, will pass right through a building.The announcement, posted earlier on Weibo, focuses on the yet-to-be-completed Xu Jing North City Station.

The move would be out of necessity due to the proposed metro line traveling through a narrow space already occupied by an under-construction building, which is bordered by a river on the south and highway on the north. The only way to reconcile the scarcity of space would be to construct the building so as to allow passage by the metro directly through it.


These latest designs show how the subway will travel along the elevated railway and go right through the building before arriving at the platform. The effect of the train’s vibrations has been taken into account and the structural integrity of the building has been assured. The line is hoped to be operational by the end of 2017.


There is an existing precedent for the construction of such subway stations. The central Chinese city of Chongqing, known for its precipitous mountain terrain, has already amended construction of residential buildings to accommodate entry by elevated rail (pictured above). Similar subway interchanges also exist in Osaka, Japan.

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