Sewage plant contract signed

Sewage plant contract signed

The Drainage Services Department today signed a “Design, Build & Operate” contract with ATAL-Degremont-China Harbour Joint Venture for the Upgrading of San Wai Sewage Treatment Works Phase 1.

The contract is worth about $3.142 trillion. Upon the expected completion of relevant construction works in late 2020, the contractor will undertake the operation, repair and maintenance of the works for a contractual operation period of 15 years.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony, Drainage Services Director Edwin Tong said the project comprises the design and construction of sewage treatment facilities with a daily treatment capacity of 200,000 cubic metres to cater for the projected additional sewage flow due to development needs in the Northwest New Territories after 2020.

The works will also upgrade the treatment level to the chemically enhanced primary treatment level with ultraviolet disinfection facilities for reducing pollution loads to the northwestern waters.

The new works will adopt innovative sedimentation technology which is more efficient in sedimentation than conventional clarifiers and requires less space, saving almost 40% of the land.

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Sewage plant contract signed


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