Rural Groups Demanding New Lantau Highways

Rural Groups Demanding New Lantau Highways

Lantau’s rural committees are pressing for the construction of a Lantau Circular Highway that would effectively end South Lantau’s isolation from the rest of Hong Kong.

The four committees are asking for the construction of the two new Highways-a coastal road from Tung Chung to Tai O, and a direct link through country park from Mui Wo to the north Lantau – and for the 22km Mui Wo to Tai I road to be upgraded to a ‘standard highway’  They also seek more laybys on the Tung Chung Rd, which was upgraded to a dual carriageway six years ago.

The demands are not new, and were discussed in the Islands District Council as recently as February.  A senior Transport Dept, engineer, Lo Kongsai, told the meeting that there was not ‘sufficient evidence to support the construction of the new road to Tai O.

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However, with  the government preparing to tip billions into lantau development, Packages of highway projects have already  been proposed to meet the traffic demand in Lantau and the Northwest New Territories. Possible road projects in Lantau include the Lantau-Urban Link, which mainly comprises connecting infrastructure linking the HZMB to North Lantau Highway, Lantau Road P1, Tsing Yi-Lantau Link and Pa Tau Kwu Section of Chok Ko Wan Link Road (Package 1); Strategic North-South Link (East) (i.e. Tsing Lung Bridge) (Package 2); and Strategic North-South Link (West) (i.e. Tuen Mun to Chek Lap Kok Link) (Package 3).

With these proposal already in the pipeline the four rural groups have begun a public campaign for their highway programme.

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