Macau: Rotunda do Istmo pedestrian bridge nears completion

Macau, Slider 19 Aug 2014
Macau: Rotunda do Istmo pedestrian bridge nears completion

The Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) announced yesterday that the hoisting phase of the pedestrian bridge was completed.

The decoration on the bridge’s surface as well as the construction on footholds would be carried out in the coming phase.

The operation of the vertical model which will separate pedestrians and vehicles at Cotai’s Rotunda do Istmo is due to be completed and operational in the first quarter of 2015 as the final section of the pedestrian bridge has now been connected to the structure.

The footbridge is part of the vertical transportation infrastructure included in the government’s plan, aiming to separate pedestrians and vehicles and thus increase safety for walkers. The vertical system also includes vehicles lanes beneath the bridge, surrounding the Rotunda do Istmo, as well as the underground road tunnel.


Rotunda do Istmo pedestrian bridge

The GDI stated that, the footbridge is also part of Taipa’s pedestrian system, which forms a connection to to the old Taipa town and Cotai. Therefore, the design of the landscape corridor has been adopted, with stairs, escalators and glass-sealed lifts, enabling viewers to see Cotai from a different perspective.

The hoisting project began in Q3 last year. During this phase, 14 sections were combined to make a ring deck measuring 391 meters long, with a radius of 62 meters and measuring 6 meters in width.

The GDI stated that, the piling construction of the five bridge footholds has been completed, whilst the basement is in construction. The decorations on the deck, the installation of facilities and electronic installments are all now in the works. GY

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