Report on collapse of Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall Released

Report on collapse of Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall Released

The Buildings Department today released investigation reports on the collapse of City University’s sports hall and a building at the Central Police Station Compound.

The City University report concluded the collapse of Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall at the Hu Fa Kuang Sports Centre last year was caused by roof overloading.

The report attributed the overloading to three factors: the screeding of the roof structure being thicker than the original design, the laying of greenery cover on the roof and the waterlogging of the greenery cover.

Secretary for Development Eric Ma said the Department of Justice has decided not to prosecute after examining the investigation results.

However, the Buildings Department is seeking legal advice from the Department of Justice to see whether to take disciplinary action against people in connection with the collapse, Mr Ma added.

On the collapse of the Married Inspectors’ Quarters Building at the Central Police Station Compound last year, the Buildings Department attributed it to the digging of multiple small holes in brick piers and brick walls to install steel members for the timber floor during verandah reinforcement work.

The Buildings Department said the weakening of one of the internal brick piers might have triggered the collapse.

The Buildings Department has instigated prosecution against the building contractors who were issued summonses by Eastern Magistracy today.

The hearing of the case was scheduled for July 6.

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