Reparations paid for Jiangxi scaffolding collapse

Reparations paid for Jiangxi scaffolding collapse

The Chinese engineering firm responsible for building a cooling tower where 74 workers were killed last week is said to have offered about 1.2 million yuan (HK$1.35 million) in compensation to each of the victims’ families.

All the families had agreed to accept the offer, Xinhua New Agency reported, though it was impossible to independently verify that claim.

The workers were building a tower at a power plant in Jiangxi province when scaffolding inside collapsed.

It was one of the deadliest workplace accidents in recent years, drawing new attention to China’s problems with ensuring worker safety while raising questions on whether regulations were followed.

An explosion last year at a warehouse in Tianjin killed 165 people, and that was less than 12 months after an explosion at an auto parts factory in Kunshan claimed 146 lives.

Authorities have moved swiftly after the latest accident – possibly to head off any protests or unrest over another high- profile instance of mass worker deaths. Police have detained 15 company executives and other officials deemed responsible for the project, including the board chairman of Hebei Yineng, the engineering firm that is paying compensation.

Xinhua also reported on Wednesday that the bodies of the dead workers had already been cremated.


Reparations paid for Jiangxi scaffolding collapse


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