Rail works interim report released

Rail works interim report released

The Government released the Interim Report of Commission of Inquiry into the Construction Works at & near the Hung Hom Station Extension under the Shatin to Central Link Project today.

In its interim report, the commission determined that the Hung Hom Station Extension diaphragm wall and platform slab construction works were not executed in accordance with Contract No. 1112 in material respects, but they are safe and it is not necessary to rebuild or conduct strengthening works.

Commenting on the interim report at a press conference today, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the commission’s determinations have relieved public concern.

“The commission’s determinations have understandably assuaged our concern during the past few months about the structural safety of the relevant construction works.

“Nevertheless, as the commission has pointed out, the entire episode has not yet drawn to a close. There are a number of ongoing collateral investigations. Moreover, there remain extensive public concerns. We consider it appropriate to exercise particular caution.”

She accepted the advice of Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan and his colleagues that the Mass Transit Railway Corporation should continue to implement its proposed holistic assessment strategy for the Hung Hom Station Extension, aiming to complete it as soon as possible.

Mrs Lam emphasised despite the interim report concluding that the construction works are safe, the Government will still call for full accountability concerning the incident.

She said the Government expects more than just safety, with quality, integrity and compliance being prerequisites for any works.

Meanwhile, the commission has reviewed the adequacy of the MTR Corporation and the Government’s management systems and has made recommendations in respect of promoting public safety and assurance on quality of works.

Also speaking at the press conference today, Mr Chan said the Government will study the commission’s views and recommendations on the Government’s monitoring mechanism thoroughly and will follow up with improvements.

To rebuild the public’s confidence in railway projects, the Government will learn from the experience of this incident and make improvements, he added.

Several parts of the interim report have been redacted based on legal consideration, to avoid any prejudice to any ongoing criminal investigations and potential prosecutions of future criminal offences.

The Government will release the full interim report after the relevant criminal investigations and prosecutions have concluded.

Click here for the interim report.

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