Rail inquiry team appointed

Rail inquiry team appointed

The Chief Executive-in-Council has appointed a Commission of Inquiry to investigate construction problems at Hung Hom Station on the Shatin to Central Link.

The commission will look into steel reinforcement fixing works and any other works which raise public safety concerns in respect of the diaphragm wall and platform slab construction at the station.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said public safety is of paramount importance.

“A statutory commission equipped with the full range of powers under the Commissions of Inquiry Ordinance (Chapter 86) is called for to ascertain the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged problems associated with these works and to recommend appropriate improvement measures.”

Former Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal Michael Hartmann has been appointed the commission’s Chairman and Commissioner.

Professor of Construction & Infrastructure Policy at University College London Prof Peter Hansford has also been appointed as Commissioner.

The commission is due to report to the Chief Executive within six months.

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