Plans announced for 60km monorail in Shenzhen

Plans announced for 60km monorail in Shenzhen

THE city is planning to build a 60-kilometer monorail from Pingshan High-speed Railway Station to Nan’ao in Dapeng New Area, which will be connected to Metro Line 8 in the future, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported Thursday.

The monorail, developed by local carmaker BYD, will cover most scenic spots in Dapeng New Area. According to the report, the cost of a monorail project is only one-fifth of a Metro project, and the monorail’s construction period is two-thirds shorter than a Metro line.

As most of the roads on the mountainous Dapeng Peninsula are narrow, the monorail displays its natural advantages in fitting to the geographical environment of Dapeng. With strong climbing ability and small turn radius, the monorail doesn’t occupy roads or produce noise.

The first phase of the project — a 13-kilometer monorail going from Dapeng transport hub to Xinda transport hub — is scheduled to start construction in the near future.

Phase II of Metro Line 8, which will connect Yantian District to Dapeng New Area, will also use monorail technology. The project will start in 2018, and the Metro line is expected to come into operation in 2020.

According to a statement released last week by BYD announcing the launch of its monorail transport system, the company has spent 5 billion yuan (US$742 million) on research and development for the monorail program over the past five years. Vehicles on the monorail system are capable of running at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour.


Plans announced for 60km monorail in Shenzhen

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