Planning to reflect overall interests

Planning to reflect overall interests

Planning must reflect Hong Kong’s overall interests and heed society’s pressing needs, Chief Executive CY Leung said in his third Policy Address today.

The Government must consider factors such as development’s impact on traffic, the environment, conservation and even air ventilation in the planning process, he said, noting the result is a drop in the supply of developable land.

He said society as a whole must make hard choices. People should consider not only the well-being of individual areas in planning and development, but also the overall housing supply and demand of Hong Kong as a whole.

“Town planning and land supply should not cater only for the people who can afford expensive properties, but also for those facing difficulties finding a home due to inadequate supply.”

The Government has stepped up its efforts to increase land supply and build up a land reserve by adopting a multi-pronged strategy and various short, medium and long-term measures.

It is updating the Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision & Strategy published in 2007 to examine the strategies and feasible options for overall spatial planning and land and infrastructure developments for Hong Kong beyond 2030.

It also plans to hold discussions with community sectors including professional bodies, environmental groups, local communities and students, to jointly examine the issues concerned and solve land-supply problems.

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