New water treatment facility for Shek Wu Hui in Sheung Shui

New water treatment facility for Shek Wu Hui in Sheung Shui

A new water treatment facility at Shek Wu Hui in Sheung Shui will help recycle 56,000 cubic meters of water – enough to fill 24 standard swimming polls daily.

Water from the facility will be used to flush toilets in Northern New Territories starting from 2022, Secretary for Development Michael Wong Wai-lun wrote in his blog yesterday.

He said the Water Supplies Department and the Drainage Services Department are cooperating in a large-scale reclaimed water project.

Reclaimed water is a type of recycled water generated from treatment of effluent at a recycling plant.

Advanced works for expansion of Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works are expected to be completed next year, increasing the volume of sewage water treated daily from 93,000 cubic meters to 105,000 cubic meters.

Through the expanded treatment plant, the Drainage Services Department can transfer daily around 56,000 cubic meters of tertiary treated water, or water having gone through the highest level of treatment, to the nearby reclaimed water treatment plant operated by the Water Supplies Department.

The facility aims to provide recycled water to districts in the northeastern part of the New Territories including Sheung Shui, Fan Ling and the New Development Areas from 2022 progressively, to replace fresh water for flushing.

The expanded plant will also use new sewage treatment technology.

It will be equipped with more than 2,000 “membrane bioreactor units” which can separate E. coli bacteria and small pollutants from sewage, significantly improving the quality of the sewage.

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