New Territories project can not be delayed

New Territories project can not be delayed

The Government has appealed to legislators to pass the funding application for the advance site formation and engineering infrastructure works relating to the New Territories new development areas at a meeting this Friday, and not to delay the deliberations because of some people’s drastic actions.

The Government will not and cannot agree to postpone the funding application in the interest of society and the public as a whole, it said in a statement issued today.

Legislators should have noted that the request of those people protesting against the funding application in the past two weeks is for “no demolition and no clearance”, which is tantamount to its withdrawal.

The Government reiterates that the project is an important source of housing and land supply for Hong Kong in the medium and long term.

The new development areas will provide approximately 60,000 residential units – including 36,000 public housing units, and are expected to accommodate an additional population of about 175,000 people, while providing about 37,000 job opportunities.

Affected stakeholders’ concerns – including those of existing local residents, business operators and farmers – are well understood, the statement said, adding that there would be scope for discussion on details of the project’s implementation.

The Government will continue to explore more appropriate packages for compensation and clearance, take care of local residents’ interests, and maintain close liaison with affected parties after the Legislative Council approves the funding.

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