New platform to improve travel time to Changi Airport

New platform to improve travel time to Changi Airport

Commuters heading towards Changi Airport can look forward to faster travel from 2024.


A new platform will be added to the Tanah Merah station; as such, commuters travelling towards Expo and Changi Airport can enjoy shorter waiting times and a more comfortable journey.

Today, the middle track at Tanah Merah interchange station is used for trains travelling in both directions between Tanah Merah and Changi Airport stations. With a third platform, there will be two tracks for the East-West Line and another two, heading to and from Changi Airport.

This will allow  trains to arrive and depart at the station at shorter intervals, reducing wait times and enabling faster travel to Expo and Changi Airport stations.


Together with the construction of a new platform, existing MRT tracks will also be extended to connect to the new four-in-one depot at Changi, which will house trains from the East-West Line, Downtown Line and Thomson-East Coast Line, as well as a bus depot.

This will be the second MRT station in Singapore to have tracks added to its original configuration. Adding a platform and constructing tracks on an operational line is challenging as working hours and work space are limited for construction activities.

Nevertheless, the safety of MRT operations and site security will remain of paramount importance. Enhancement works will commence in 2016, and are expected to be completed in 2024.

During the construction phase, LTA will work with the contractors to implement dust and noise control measures on site. Noise barriers and privacy screens will also be installed along the new viaduct to mitigate the impact on residents living close to the station. We will also work closely with all stakeholders to minimise disruptions and inconvenience.




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