New Lantau plans mooted

New Lantau plans mooted

The Lantau Development Advisory Committee has endorsed the overall spatial planning and conservation concepts, and the proposed recreation, tourism and social development strategies for Lantau at its sixth meeting.

Secretary for Development Paul Chan, chairs the committee. After the meeting, he described to the media the four major parts of the overall spatial planning and conservation concepts.

They are the Northern Lantau Corridor focusing on economic and housing developments; the Northeastern Lantau Node for leisure, entertainment and tourism; the East Lantau Metropolis as a strategic growth area with a core business district; and the predominant part of Lantau for conservation, leisure, cultural and green tourism.

The committee is considering consolidation and relocation of the correctional facilities on Lantau, and will explore the development of caverns and underground spaces to relocate incompatible government facilities or for other suitable uses.

It also proposes attractive transport arrangements to connect different recreation and tourism areas, such as water taxis, a cable car, funicular railway, cycle tracks and a round-the-island shuttle.

The proposals are preliminary concepts only, and their feasibility is still subject to technical studies and financial viability assessment, Mr Chan added.

The committee will submit a report summarising the committee’s work and consolidating a set of the proposed overall development strategies for Lantau by the end of this year.

Public engagement and promotion activities will be launched in early 2016 to gather public views.

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