MTR chief denies withholding information on rail link from gov’t

MTR chief denies withholding information on rail link from gov’t

According to its chief executive the MTR Corp Limited has never intentionally withheld information from the government about the construction of the local section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link.

Leong Kwok-kuen speaking to a select committee at the Legislative Council, Lincoln stated that there was only one occasion two years ago that the company could not come up with the information in a timely manner.

The overall construction is now 74 percent complete and boring the 25-kilometer tunnels linking West Kowloon to the Shenzhen border is 99 percent finished said Leong

“It is expected that the full tunnel breakthrough will be achieved before the end of the year,” he said yesterday.

Leong went on to say excavation work for the West Kowloon terminus of the Express Rail Link is 95 percent complete.

MTRCL has come in for criticism by the committee for withholding information on the progress of the project’s construction, although Leong denied this.

“There was full disclosure of all information to the government, the road development office and other departments,” he said.

Leong said when the Highways Department requested feedback from MTRCL in November 2013, the project team of the railway operator was waiting for a contractor to provide necessary information regarding its working timetable. It would have been inappropriate to proceed without that information at the time.

“At no time was there any intent or any thinking of hiding or withholding any information from any parties,” Leong said.

Initially meant to cost HK$65 billion, MTRCL announced in August last year the project would cost HK$71.5 billion which has since been revised to HK$85.3 billion.


MTR chief denies withholding information on rail link from gov’t


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