MRT Contractor looking for speedy Land Acquisition

Indonesia 04 Sep 2014
MRT Contractor looking for speedy Land Acquisition

Failure to acquire land fast enough could potentially hold up works

The company responsible for the construction of Indonesia’s first rail-based mass rapid transit system is pressuring the Jakarta administration to acquire the remaining land for the construction as fast as possible so that it can be completed by 2018.

Some parts of the work are able to be completed ahead of schedule although this would require that all the land that will accommodate the rail network to be acquired as soon as possible said Dono Boestami The MRT Jakarta president director

“Most of the land that still needs to be acquired is located in South Jakarta. This includes some plots in Lebak Bulus,” Dono stated in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He added that if all the required land could be acquired as soon as possible, the MRT system would be ready for use in 2018, before the start of the Asian Games, which Jakarta is likely to host.

The Indonesia president Left with MRT Jakarta president director Dono Boestami

The Indonesia president Joko Widodo Left with MRT Jakarta president director Dono Boestami

“We remind the Jakarta provincial administration to immediately hand over all the required land to us,” the MRT Jakarta president director said.

Moreover, on Wednesday, 59 more buildings, located on JL Raya Fatmawati in South Jakarta along the planned route of the MTR network MRT were dismantled by public order officials.

According to South Jakarta Mayor Syamsuddin Noor the dismantling was done after the owners failed to dismantle the buildings themselves, although they were already compensated for that.

“This is a third dismantling the Jakarta administration has done to acquire land for the MRT project,” Syamsuddin said.

“We’ve given them enough time, as we’ve paid the compensation long ago. The MRT project will require the use of these plots of land immediately,” he added.

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