Mainland plot will be made available for Macau’s construction waste disposal

Macau, Slider 13 Jun 2015
Mainland plot will be made available for Macau’s construction waste disposal

Macau authorities are to consult mainland China for assistance with the waste generated in local construction works.

Vai Hoi Ieong, the acting director of the Environmental Protection Bureau, told media that Guangdong’s Taishan city has reserved a 164-hectare landfill for disposal and treatment of Macau’s inert construction and demolition materials. The cooperation is expected to meet Macau’s demand in inert waste disposal for the next ten years.

Asked if the scheme meant the authorities would pay the bill for waste production, Vai answered that the government would study a charging system to be imposed to the developers responsible for the construction works, and consult the public this year, as currently the city has no charge for the production of inert waste. Vai estimated about eighty percent of the aforementioned inert waste could be reused for land reclamation.

“Bigger issues may occur if they treat [the inert waste] by themselves. The government will probably need to assume full responsibility in the end, because there are certain requirements such as the materials’

composition or radiation measurement. In that case, it might be harder for the government to regulate. Taking reference from neighboring regions, if the waste producers submit fees, the government has the responsibility to strengthen out the final materials. It’s just a question of charging in which stage,” he explained.


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