Macua authorities to promote maintenance of old buildings

Macua authorities to promote maintenance of old buildings


A media event was held yesterday by the Land Public Works and Transport Bureau. The purpose of the event was to emphasis that building maintenance was the responsibility of property owners.  Apartment owners demanded the bureau organise a site visit to structure, named Fong King Garden, which is more than 40 years old and Located on Avenida da Republica.

According to DSSOPT, the property owners submitted an application to repair common spaces of the building. Mr Cheng Tou Chun, division head of the Urbanization Department, stressed yesterday that building maintenance is the responsibility of property owners. He went on to say that owners should invite qualified practitioners to check and repair if they find their building in a state of disrepair.

Cheng stated, the government has set up a mechanism to handle old and/or dangerous buildings. The structures are classified into three categories and those classified as an “old building with immediate danger” require urgent action. The government will then take protective measures, such as seal off the building when owners don’t take appropriate actions. The authorities will also outsource the construction project and require residents to leave the building. “Old structures without immediate risk” form the second category. The authorities will demand that related owners repair or strengthen the defective parts, and will only take compulsive measures when owners fail to meet the deadline. The least urgent situation is when the building needs to be repaired. The government will then inform proprietors of maintenance procedures.

The Housing Bureau has launched subsidies for building maintenance, targeted at buildings that have been around for 10 years or more. The maximum subsidy reaches 30 percent of the entire repair project.
The DSSOPT has accepted 30 applications for building maintenance since the beginning of the year.  Two of the applied cases were identified as being in “immediate danger”.

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