Macau’s Island hospital 2nd phase of construction to start at end of 2015

Macau, Slider 28 Aug 2015
Macau’s Island hospital 2nd phase of construction to start at end of 2015

The invitation to tender for the construction of the second public hospital’s polyclinic and auxiliary facility building received a total of 11 bids from the public on Wednesday.

The construction project for the two blocks, which was expected to get under way at the end of the 2015, and was budgeted to cost roughly between 683 million and 880 million. The general hospital forms the largest single building in the complex, covering an area of 11,000 square meters in the center of the plot, while another facility with an area of 4,000 square meters will sit on the western side of the complex.

Tomás Hoi, from the Infrastructure Development Office, said that the authorities had to request for tenders in separate phases owing to the massive scale of the complex’s construction, which also required consultations with professionals about the roof. In addition, he stressed that the phased tender process would cause no delay to the construction project due to the employment of on-site officials for coordination and thorough monitoring of related departments.

The construction of the above two sections could take at least 418 days to be completed, and will provide around 500 new employment opportunities.  Hoi also added that the preliminary stage of construction for the foundation of the staff dormitory and the nursing college is currently in progress and will be close to completion in the first quarter of next year.

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