macau construction site set on fire over noise levels

Macau 19 Nov 2014
macau construction site set on fire over noise levels

Two French men have set fire to a construction site near their home, allegedly in complaint over the construction noise. The two suspects,  a 33-year old teacher and a 22-year old tattoo master, both hold Macau residency.

The arson occurred in the Travessa do Bom Jesus on Sunday evening. The Judiciary Police (PJ) said that the two suspects first set fire to a discarded sofa outside the construction site and jointly pushed the burning sofa into the site’s bamboo scaffolds to let the fire spread, before returning to their residence at a nearby ground floor shop.

According to the PJ spokesperson, the act of arson was allegedly due to their resentment towards the construction noise that had affected their daily lives. He added that the two suspects didn’t cooperate in the investigation and their statements were inconsistent. The two suspects will be charged with committing arson.

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