Lawmakers to review public works worth $623.7m

Lawmakers to review public works worth $623.7m

Projects include detailed design for Anderson Road project

Small to medium sized contractors unable to take on mega projects can look forward to smaller sized projects as legislators today consider five public works projects worth a total of HK$623.7 million at money-of-the-day (MOD) prices.

The biggest value project is the development of Anderson Road Quarry site worth HK$187.2 million MOD.

“We need to develop the Anderson Road Quarry site, with a view to making available housing land to address the current tight housing supply situation as soon as possible,” Development Bureau said in its briefing paper to the Public Works Subcommittee.

The work however is mostly consultant related as it consists of detailed design, various impact assessments, an environmental impact assessment, associated site investigation works and preparation of tender documents.

The remainder of the Anderson Road project, comprising the juicy bits such as site formation and infrastructural works, road widening at various places, footbridges, lift towers and escalators and subways will be retained for future application of funds.

The Anderson Road project will provide about 12 hectares of land for 9,410 flats at a private housing-to-subsidised housing ratio of 80:20 for a population of 25,000.

Construction work is set to start in mid-2016 for staged completion of site formation from 2019 to 2020.

Second in value is the proposed reprovisioning works worth HK$165.3 million to allow for the future expansion of Yau Ma Tei Theatre for performances of Chinese opera.

“Due to site constraints posed by the preservation of the Yau Ma Tei Theatre and the nearby Red Brick Building the refuse collection point (both are graded historic buildings), the size of the foyer space and the size stage of the current Yau Ma Tei Theatre is below standard,” Home Affairs Bureau said in its briefing paper.

The works consists of demolition of the existing refuse collection point, street sleepers’ services units and public toilet adjacent to the theatre and building their replacements nearby at Hau Cheung Street.

Construction is set to start in August 2014 for completion in July 2016 while demolition will start in July 2016 for completion in April 2017.

Construction for the infrastructure at Anderson Road Quarry, seen in this picture behind the housing blocks, is set to start in 2016  (Danny Chung)

Construction for the infrastructure at Anderson Road Quarry, seen in this picture behind the housing blocks, is set to start in 2016 (Danny Chung)

Transport and Housing Bureau is applying for funds totalling HK$135.9 million MOD for construction of a new community hall at Sau Ming Road in Kwun Tong and demolition of the old hall.

“The new community hall will be constructed within the site boundary of the proposed public housing development at Sam Ming Road (provision of about 320 flats) as a composite development,” the bureau said in its briefing paper.

For better interfacing, the Hong Kong Housing Authority will be in charge of the project.

Work is set to start in July 2014 for completion in May 2018 to tie in with scheduled completion of the adjoining public housing development.

The remaining two projects are the main engineering infrastructure for the proposed developments in Area 56, Tung Chung worth HK$54.8 million MOD and a footbridge linking Tseung Kwan O Area 55 and Area 65 worth HK$80.5 million MOD.

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