Lau Si Io warns against LRT Macau section stalling

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Lau Si Io warns against LRT Macau section stalling

The government might not be able to carry out public tendering for the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) Macau section if the decision regarding the route of the southern section is not made soon according to The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Lau Si Io.

The Secretary  for Transport attended a Legislative Assembly Standing Committee meeting yesterday, where he  was questioned again as to why the authorities did not consult the public on the route of the LRT southern Macau section, as the proposed route may affect the view to the Kun Iam Statue. He replied that the decision on the route could not be delayed any longer.

“Frankly, if you cannot decide [the route], we are unable to carry out the public tender, or even start the construction at end of this year, like we told the AL. If it continues to stall, [the timeframe] really cannot be guaranteed.”

The secretary also stated that the process of public consultation is only one of the channels that the government can use to inform the public or collect information from them. He said the routes have been discussed in the AL plenary session, which was broadcasted on television. Lau Si Io believes that there is no issue in releasing information or collecting opinions. “Our colleagues will go to the communities and will talk to those who demanded an explanation.”

Lau Si Io also emphasised that there will be adjustments in the proposal. They will listen to the opinions provided by professionals and later reveal them to the public.
The government has already invited the designer of the Kun Iam Statue to give advice. The secretary added that if the government wanted to move the LRT track to the area behind the statue, it might involve the issue of water territory rights.

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