latest bill to govern recognition of construction professionals in Macau

Macau, Slider 06 Nov 2014
latest bill to govern recognition of construction professionals in Macau


Coming off the back of recent legislation to tighten construction supervision in Macau, the latest draft of a bill will govern the recognition of construction professionals with an appeal mechanism and several selected committees to be established within the future Architecture and Engineering Committee to deal with objections and regulate different aspects of the regime.

Macau residency will also be one of the mandatory qualification for registering related professionals according to the bill’s stipulations. The exemption for governmental department from the restrictions on hiring non-local professionals in special projects was lifted, which will fulfill the requirement that all construction projects be taken charge by a resident professional.

Yesterday the Legislative Assembly (AL)’s 1st Standing Committee also discussed the insurance issue for registered construction and urbanism professionals where The committee president Kwan Tsui Hang said that currently, the principles and amount of required insurance are still not decided, but “it is obvious that mandatory insurance will become one of the requirements of related professionals’ registration.”

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