Labor dispute at USJ’s new campus construction site in Macau

Macau, Slider 01 May 2015
Labor dispute at USJ’s new campus construction site in Macau

A group of construction workers staged a protest on Monday at the construction site of the University of Saint Joseph’s new campus in Ilha Verde. The workers claimed that they have not been paid their salary for almost three months, TDM News reported.

Labor disputes at USJ’s new campus were also reported last year when a group of employees working at the construction site demanded that their employer pay them their salary.

On Monday again, workers hung banners up and shouted slogans. They revealed that the contractor has not paid them for almost three months, debts which total up to MOP40,000. The PSP was called to the scene and one worker was taken away to assist with the investigation.

The Labor Affairs Bureau told TDM News that there were only one or two workers who confirmed that the contractor has not been paying their salaries on time. The Bureau urged the employees to file a complaint. USJ did not provide a response to TDM News before Monday’s news bulletin.

In a written reply to The Times last February regarding the labor dispute, the university said that questions regarding the labor dispute should be addressed to the contractor. “There is no contractual relationship between USJ and the employees mentioned,” USJ said then.

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