Kwun Tong plot to be redeveloped

Kwun Tong plot to be redeveloped

The Lands Department has announced the resumption of a site on Hang On Street under the Demand-led Redevelopment Project Pilot Scheme.

Ninety private property interests on the site will be resumed under the Lands Resumption Ordinance. The affected interests will revert to the Government three months from the date on which the resumption notice is affixed on-site.

Upon resumption and clearance, the 865-square-metre site will be made into residential developments with retail and ancillary facilities, including a car park. Apart from statutory compensation, eligible domestic property owners will be offered an ex-gratia home purchase allowance or supplementary allowance.

Eligible domestic occupiers will be offered rehousing or an ex-gratia cash allowance. Eligible commercial property occupiers can choose an ex-gratia allowance in lieu of the right to make statutory claims for business and related losses.

Affected owners and tenants of both domestic and commercial properties can make statutory claims. Details of the land affected were gazetted on Friday.


Kwun Tong plot to be redeveloped

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