Kai Tak transport plan good to go

Projects, Slider 21 Nov 2014
Kai Tak transport plan good to go

Detailed planning of the transport infrastructure for the Kai Tak Development area has been completed according to the government.

Secretary for Development Paul Chan told legislators today the road projects and associated infrastructure will be implemented to cope with demand and will dovetail with the completion of development projects within the area.

One of them is a dual two-lane carriageway to be built next year to replace the existing single two-lane carriageway linking Cheung Yip Street in Kowloon Bay with Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

In the long run, an environmentally friendly linkage system, together with improved pedestrian facilities and on-grade green transport modes, will be introduced to provide a convenient, safe and reliable route through the Kowloon East core business district.

The Government will draw on past experience in enhancing the traffic arrangements for mega events in the Kai Tak area. One of the plans is to provide a special ferry service when ships call or during mega events. A trial service will be launched soon.

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